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Zoom threatens WhatsApp and Instagram falls among the minors

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The instant messaging application WhatsApp is still the most popular social communication network among minors, but they remain longer on the Zoom platform, according to a study on the use of screens, which also reveals the collapse of Instagram among minors.

The Qustodio platform, specialized in security and digital well-being in the family environment, released the data from the report it produces each year on the digital habits of minors, which on this occasion has entitled “Applications and minors: a year trapped behind screens ”due to increased time spent on screens due to the pandemic and lockdowns.

The report has been prepared, reported this platform, with the anonymous information provided by 100,000 families with children between 4 and 15 years old in Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom in five specific areas: online video, social networks, video games, education applications and communication applications.

Online video applications have increased 25% during the pandemic, representing an average of 45 minutes a day, and YouTube continues to lead this field, although its advantage has been reduced with increased competition, among which the boom has stood out. of the Twitch network that has experienced a growth of 150%.

The average time in social media applications has been 76% higher than in 2019, and it is the category that has experienced the greatest growth, according to data from this company, which has observed that since the first months of last year the platform TikTok rose several points to become the favorite social network for minors.

Instagram, which had been the most popular social network in 2019, experienced a 43% drop last year, ranking behind Facebook, although the usage time spent by minors in the application stands at 44 minutes a day, compared to at 17 who remain on Facebook.

In the field of video games, the analysis reveals that the vast majority are games inspired by wars, battles, survival and with violent content, and also that there has been an increase in playing hours in relation to 2019.

Globally, Roblox remained the most popular video game app with 35% of children playing it worldwide.

The use of educational applications soared 162% due to the pandemic and the suspension of classes, and the most used in the world was Google Classroom.

According to Eduardo Cruz, CEO and co-founder of Qustodio, the confinement has marked “a before and an after” in people’s digital life, and although the data obtained during this period mark very high contrasts with respect to the values ​​obtained in 2019, a in his opinion, this behavior will not be constant, “but it will be different from the moments before the pandemic.”

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