Zipolite, the nudist beach where Hugo López-Gatell vacationed

Last weekend the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell was harshly criticized by users of social networks and other politicians after some photos went viral where he is seen vacationing on Zipolite beach, in Oaxaca, accompanied by a woman.

It should be remembered that López-Gatell is in charge of managing the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico, where almost 128 thousand deaths and one million 455 thousand 219 infections have been registered so far.

However, few know that one of the main attractions of Zipolite, belonging to the municipality of San Pedro Pochutla, is that it is a nudist beach.

Zipolite Beach was officially declared a legal nude beach in 2016, so since then, it has been one of the favorite tourist places for foreigners to vacation in Mexico.

According to various tourist sites, this place is the only nude beach in Mexico. Its importance is so great that in 2017 it hosted the sixth Latin American Nudism Encounter, an event that is held with the purpose of promoting tourism and eliminating prejudices about taking off your clothes.

Where is it located?

Zipolite Beach is located in the state of Oaxaca, 230 kilometers from the state capital, but very close to the beaches of Huatulco.

What does Zipolite mean?

Although there are different versions of this name, Zipolite in Zapotec means “beach of the dead.” It was so called because it is believed that the Zapotecs buried their dead in that place.

On his passage through Zipolite beach, in Oaxaca, López-Gatell justified himself by saying that he went to visit “very close” relatives and that in addition, it was a small group of people who took care of the healthy distance measurements.

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