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Zinedine Zidane: The ‘magician’ who brought his charm from the court to the bench

Zinedine Zidane it was elegance made a footballer, virtuosity represented at its best. The Frenchman did not hit the ball, he caressed it, allowed it, took it to the limit of emotions.

‘Zizou’ broke with the belief that tall players lacked individual technique, since magic arose from their boots, the improbable with a pass, a tunnel, a ‘sombrerito‘or a historic volley.

He was able to avoid rivals with incredible ease without dirtying his uniform, since he had an almost ‘carnal’ relationship with the ball; she obeyed him and together they undertook a journey to immortality.

Zidane sits at the table of the demigods of football, as his talent only places him below the Pele, Maradona, Di Stéfano, Cruyff and Messi.

In his role as technical director, he had the monumental undertaking of getting a little closer to the greatness he had as a footballer and not only did he achieve it, he has also forged a history that today seems difficult to repeat.

He is not the best of strategists and he admits it himself, but he is an extraordinary manager of emotions, he manages the locker room of the largest team in the world with a wisdom similar to what he did with the ball.

His players believe him, he has been able to convince the monsters that Madrid is more united and his results speak for themselves.

Zidane is elegance, tag football, the art of the improbable. Zidane is the wizard of the ball …

And that magician now on the bench, with an imperturbable spirit, is once again faced with the challenge of winning the Champions League: in five editions at the head of the Whites, in four he has reached the Semifinals and in three the decisive match, which of course won and consecutively.

Real Madrid can come to the series against Chelsea wrapped in doubts, mainly due to physical wear and tear and multiple absences; However, if something characterizes this club and its coach in turn, it is that adversity does not diminish them, on the contrary, they tend to come out of it strengthened and usually with a historic trophy in their hands.

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