After the meeting of Haaland’s father and his representative with the Real Madrid board, Zidane dodged the issue about the possibility of hiring the Norwegian

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, assured that only the league match this Saturday against Eibar passes through his head and does not think about the option of signing the Norwegian forward Erling Haaland, after the first meetings of the club with the player’s father and his representative.

I get tired of saying the same thing, everything that can happen outside and of a player that is not mine, I will not say if it is good or bad. What interests me is to think only about tomorrow’s game, about what will happen next year I don’t know, “he said without leaving his opinion on Real Madrid’s interest in Haaland.

“Each one does what he wants here, I don’t get involved in anything. Each one does what he sees fit. My job is to prepare very well with my players and with the people who work here for tomorrow’s game“he added.

Focused only on the present and on sports, the French coach said he is “happy to compete again” after the national team matches and focused on a match in which they cannot fail.

“We are entering a final stage in which all the games are important. We have fifteen finals to go and we are going to fight until the last game starting tomorrow. It will be one with great intensity against an opponent who is going to come to play at the top. We only think in Eibar and nothing else, “he said.

Without looking further, because Zidane assured that only a victory against Eibar will allow “managing the rest”, the French coach regretted the injuries after losing his captain Sergio Ramos again. “It is more difficult but we cannot manage the injuries that come from time to time. I would like to have all the players healthy and perfect, but it is not the case. Football today demands a lot.”

By last, Asked about the fatigue that Kylian Mbappé showed due to the criticism received for his last games with the French team, Zidane recommended patience.

“The pressure and criticism accompany the player. The stronger you are, the more you are going to be criticized. It is like that for all players. Even if you have had a reaction, there will always be criticisms. They will say wonderful things to you when you do something good and bad things in the bad ones. That never changes, we know it well here. “