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Zidane admits that Madrid “is at the physical limit” after beating Barcelona

MADRID — Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, surprised in his statements after the victory against Barcelona by 2-1 assuring that the team is “physically at the limit” and does not know how they are “going to end the season.”

“Being leaders is not going to change anything for us, we have to continue because there is much left. Of course, you have to enjoy what we did with two good results, but you have to rest well because there are players touched again, I don’t know how we are going to end the season; we are physically at the limit. It is difficult for us to finish our games, but we are alive, ”he said on Movistar +.

“Very good feelings. Very good game. We started very well, then it was difficult because the opponent is very good, but we got a well deserved victory and we had chances to score the third goal, which would have been perfect. A well deserved victory ”, he analyzed.

A Zidane who defended the level of his own against the accusations of Ronald Koeman that the referee’s performance was decisive for Real Madrid’s victory, with special emphasis on Ferland Mendy’s claim for a penalty over Martin Braithwaite.

“Well, as always, the feeling of each one. If the referee has not whistled, it is because there is not. Then, the added time, it is he who decides. Nothing. The important thing for us is what we did on the pitch and we deserved the victory because we had many chances to score. We cannot say that it was only the referee, we deserved the victory on the field ”, he claimed.

The French coach also praised the quality of his squad: “I am happy for them because we have had many changes again today and we suffered, but nothing has changed. Everyone is committed and everyone wants to play and that is the good thing about our squad. It is a very supportive team and today they have seen each other again on the field, ”he said.

“I am working with them. All together. I am responsible, but I am happy for them. We won together, yes, “he added.

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