“Ghouls are robbing dad!” – said Zaitsev Jr. And Galina Garafutdinova did not remain silent. As “StarHit” managed to find out, they have been friends with Vyacheslav Mikhailovich and have been cooperating for a long time – since the couturier began to broadcast “Fashionable Sentence” on Channel One.

“13 years have passed since then, we continue to be friends and communicate. We did a lot of joint concerts, shot a video featuring Slava Zaitsev, wrote a hymn to his Fashion House (my son Timur did it), organized his shows and exhibitions. We have always tried to promote the brand and the name of Zaitsev, many of my friends dressed with him on my recommendation. Glory is the talisman of our 15-year-old campaign for orphans and disabled children “My Dream and the Way to It”. In 2017, we released a joint collection with Slava based on his chic prints. In my books “Read and Live” and others, I published pictures of Glory and, of course, wrote about him, ”Garafutdinova shared.

The woman has already heard about the unflattering statements of her son Vyacheslav Mikhailovich towards her family and hopes that he will take his words back …

“This is a very strange statement, because it is clear that we have nothing to do with the inheritance of Glory. We just take care of him according to our capabilities: we visit the estate, help a little with repairs, bring gifts. Egor in general, as I understand it, does not like everyone who sincerely cares about his father. I react negatively to criticism from him, because it is a lie. And for me, as a disinterested person, it is insulting and unpleasant to hear and read this. Why doesn’t anyone talk about how we just quietly come and help Slava ?! ” – Galina Garafutdinova complained.

Galina Gennadievna only shrugs her shoulders when she heard the question of why Yegor harbors anger at her.

“I sincerely hope that Yegor didn’t say such things about our family, and this is distorted information that somehow got into the media. But if these are his words, then let him argue his statement or apologize. Otherwise, I will have to sue for libel. What I know for sure is that Yegor does not get in touch with his father, and this, of course, is strange. I want to wish him only one thing – to show care and attention to his father, because life is a boomerang! ” – she emphasized.

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