A recent ice show showed that 18-year-old Alina is not ready to return to the sport – the skater fell three times during her performance, and her skating was generally called “hard”.

After the triumph of our athletes at the World Championships in Stockholm, the excitement around figure skating reached its peak. The hall at the show “Champions on Ice” in Kazan was almost completely filled, but the spectators who came remained in very contradictory feelings after the performance of Alina Zagitova.

Where is Zagitova ?! Which of ours has made it to the list of the greatest skaters of all time

The Olympic champion performed with the number already known for this season – in the image of Esmeralda. The girl fell on both triple jumps – lutze and flip. Moreover, one of the falls seemed very painful and traumatic – the audience gasped loudly in the stands.

In the second part of the show, Zagitova performed after Evgenia Medvedeva, with whom she was in confrontation for a long time. This time it seemed that in Alina there was nothing left of the Olympic champion – the skater looked very weak against the background of her sworn friend. Zagitova fell again during the jump and made a butterfly on a double axel. True, this did not greatly affect the loud applause and the number of fans who lined up for the autograph.

Alina faced hate and bewilderment later – when the video of her performance hit the Internet. The followers of the fan club of the Eteri Tutberidze team noted that Alina clearly gained weight, which is why her skates are no longer so “easy”.

“Fell again? Three times out of four? N-yes ”,“ Barely skating ”,“ What happened to her, why is everything so bad? ”,“ Complete disrespect for the viewer. And they still pay money for this, ”“ We need to demand a refund for the ticket, because this is a complete disgrace, ”noted Internet users.

But the performances of Evgenia Medvedeva were very successful, at least by the standards of an entertainment show. The audience once again noted that the girl looks organically in the room under the “Echo of Love” by Anna German and the image of Anna Karenina.

Recall that between Zagitova and Medvedeva for a long time there was a war for primacy. Both girls trained with Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze, but Medvedev, who was in the lead, unexpectedly lost to Zagitova. Taking the maximum from her success on the ice, Alina Zagitova decided to suspend her sports career.

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