Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya are extremely restrained in communicating with journalists. The couple never discusses with the press their daughter Masha, who was seriously injured in an accident about eight years ago. Vysotskaya openly says that she can safely leave the interview if she is not satisfied with some question.

“I have several people with whom I am real. You won’t tell me that to make me cry. There is nothing you can do to upset me. If you say something that hurts me, I’ll just get up and leave, ”the artist emphasized.

Vysotskaya admits that all her activities on social networks are just a tool for work. “There is nothing personal there. This is the facade. If I didn’t need to develop my business, I wouldn’t go to social networks, ”said Yulia.

Vysotskaya talks very superficially about her son. Peter now spends a lot of time with his father. “We did little to educate him. Now he has taken it up himself, so he spends time with his dad. This is their intimate time, space. I believe that every person should have a space. They have their own men’s company, ”noted Yulia.

The actress gradually became a realist and almost no longer dreams. “I don’t like the subjunctive mood. Cranking yourself up and anticipation takes away the event itself. Of course, in my youth I dreamed. But now I’m done with my dreams, ”Vysotskaya said in an interview with“ Tell Gordeeva ”.

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