– Julia, your heroine, although a future empress, is still quite young – she is only 16. In fact, you had to play a teenager …

Yulia Khlynina: It’s nice to play youth, youth, energy … I play a character who often falls in love, and this is sincere. I would even say – violently. In general, the story of Elizabeth is the story of the formation of a woman who, as a result, will have tremendous weight and voice. Therefore, all her stages of maturation are very important.

– Are you like Elizabeth? Fall in love often?

Yulia Khlynina: No, I’m rather monogamous. I am a rational person, strong, it is hard for me to change my passions. Elizabeth is more romantic, sensual and impetuous. It was with great difficulty that I moved from relationship to relationship, and Elizabeth does it dashingly, playfully. Of course, she is also worried and sad, but not for long. Such is the lively and romantic nature.

– Do you put on a historical costume, do your hairstyle of that era, make-up … Do these attributes help you feel the spirit of the times?

Yulia Khlynina: Of course! The suit dictates a special demeanor, you breathe differently, thanks to the corset, a “regal” posture appears. It’s hard for me to do this, because I’m used to loose, comfortable clothes, but here it all builds you into the era – and you begin to feel the empress in yourself, which she will become after a few years.

– Have you learned to ride?

Yulia Khlynina: Riding is like an open gestalt for me. This is a large part of life and everyday life of that time, not as mastered by me as I would like. I try, there were several lessons, but the person who knows how to gallop will go at a gallop.

– Is it easy for you to play your complete opposite? Has your preparation for the role of empress influenced your character?

Yulia Khlynina: Konstantin Arkadyevich Raikin taught us that we need to get away from ourselves. My character partly influences the character of Elizabeth, but we are completely different people. However, due to the fact that I spend a lot of time with Elizabeth, I sometimes catch the character’s presence in my private life. I feel her habits: I sat down with a straight back, looked royally, especially folded my hands. Here she is – Elizabeth! The psyche is so arranged that if you immerse yourself in the role, then, of course, it lives in your unconscious besides you.

– What roles have left the most serious imprint on you?

Yulia Khlynina: Difficult dramatic roles, as in the film “Buy Me” by Perelman, remain a special sweetheart. It was a difficult deep emotional immersion. Everything here is pleasant and easy, without a tragic breakdown.

– Is this your first role in a historical film?

Yulia Khlynina: Not really. I had the film “Duelist” by Alexei Mizgirev, but there was one nuance. There was more costume hooliganism. They were not directly historical. The costumes were stylized for the story and even with a kind of McQueen spirit.

– Alexander Baluev will play your cinematic father Peter the Great in the film. Have you already had a joint shoot? How do you work with him?

Yulia Khlynina: It’s not easy! In all likelihood, the personality of Peter the Great is also present next to Baluev, as the personality of Elizabeth is next to me. And this temperament is felt. They had a difficult relationship, but she was a beloved daughter. It was very interesting and difficult, but nevertheless the dialogue was very powerful.

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