Yucatán will start 2021 with an orange traffic light due to Covid-19

MÉRIDA.- The authorities reported this Thursday, December 31, that the epidemiological risk traffic light in Yucatán will stay 15 days more in color orange.

  • Percentage of total intensive care occupancy (Covid + No Covid): 24.0%, GREEN AND UP.
  • Percentage of occupation of total hospital beds (Covid + No Covid): 38.7.0%, GREEN AND DECREASING.
  • The increase in hospital admissions for the week compared to the previous one is in GREEN AND STABLE.
  • The rate of contagiousness of the Coronavirus is in ORANGE AND ON THE RISE.
  • The positivity of the cases is 44.5%, RED and DOWN.

Covid-19 cases in Yucatán

This day they joined 75 new infections, in addition to 9 unfortunate deaths.

  • 26,492 are positive. 228 of the cases are from another country or state.
  • 22,802 have already recovered, they do not present symptoms and cannot be contagious.
  • 634 patients are stable and they are isolated in their homes. And that medical staff constantly monitor them. They have mild symptoms.
  • 7,231 sentinel surveillance cases.
  • 153 are in public hospitals and in total isolation.
  • 67,791 suspected cases.
  • The age range is from one month to 99 years.

Yucatán registers 2,903 deaths from Covid-19.

New infections:

  • 53 in Mérida
  • 5 in Kanasín and Yaxkabá
  • 4 in Valladolid
  • 2 and Motul
  • 1 in Bokobá, Dzitás, Peto, Tekax, Tizimín and foreign.

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Data on deaths from Covid-19 in Yucatán

They were 5 men and 4 women, with an age range of 49 years to 93 years.

  1. 92 year old female Merida No comorbidities
  2. Male 49 years Tekax. Obesity / Smoking
  3. 78 year old female Merida Obesity
  4. Male 84 years Merida Cardiovascular disease
  5. Male 60 years of Merida HAS
  6. Male 71 years Merida HAS
  7. Male 50 years of Merida No comorbidities
  8. 92 year old female Bokoba. COPD / SAH / Cardiovascular disease
  9. 93 year old female Merida Cardiovascular disease


In Mérida they have been diagnosed 15,935 people infected with Covid-19 (accumulated as of December 30), who live in:

  • 4,678 in the North zone
  • 4,393 in the East zone
  • 1,488 in the Downtown area
  • 2,098 in the zona Sur
  • 3,278 in the Poniente area

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