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Your job is your calling – “My jewelry makes me proud”

Your job is your calling! Cäcilia Egger (33) is a master goldsmith: “I’ve known since I was twelve that I wanted to be a goldsmith.”

Exactly one year ago, with the start of the corona pandemic, she started her own business in Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate) with the gold and silversmith Cäcilia Egger – brave! Egger: “I knew that winter would be calmer. But what should I have been afraid of? This is one of the oldest professions in the world. “

In addition to wedding and engagement rings and custom-made products, she also repairs. She needs about a day for a ring: “But that is individual. I still look after the customers in parallel, ”says Egger. And further: “The best thing is that you go out in the evening and have a finished piece that you have been working on all day. If it still fits like a glove, I am proud. “

She will soon be training the first trainee. Egger: “When you can pass on what you love yourself and find this passion in a younger person, it’s a nice feeling.”

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