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Your favorite tennis shoes are reinvented to create a sustainable bet

The tennis They have become the great and comfortable substitutes for heels. And yes, although we say bye for a moment to high shoes, that does not mean that sneakers lack of style, rather the opposite, this is how one of the great classics.

We do not speak of others that Converse sneakers. That design that for decades has been in street style and is something we share with our parents or friends, and even royalty (just remember that Princess Diana once wore pink Converse at an official event.

Another of the great figures that wears the Converse frequently is Kamala Harris, who during his campaign, wore them frequently, and this model has a history like few others, one that now takes a green turn.

Yes, one of your favorite tennis shoes will now be sustainable

So, Converse branding puts a twist on the Chuck Taylor All Star with the intention of evoking its most sustainable collection to date. The best thing is that this not only maintains its original design, but also It is composed of post-consumer and post-industrial elements that move towards that zero waste future that we seek so much.

His name is a All Star Crater Knit, in it technology and engineering are fused to build by means of recycling techniques, a model that we will not want to lose sight of. ‘This model are made with PET plastic bottles previously used and polyester are the stellar materials that promise to reduce the carbon footprint ‘, say the experts of the brand.

Another advantage they have is that they are made of 35% of material reused, a breathable canvas with 50% recycled materials and fibers, a comfortable tongue made of 100% reused material and an insole OrthoLite fully recycled provide greater comfort and freedom … yes, it is as green as you have wished.

What do these tennis shoes look best with?

The truth is that with everything you have in your closet: they come in green, blue, gray and the classic black sneakers, with which you will have a new bet that you will not be able to resist.

Like any other of its predecessors, looks good with jeans, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits and everything you want to imagine.

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