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Young put Manuela Gómez’s products to the test and that’s how it went

Manuela Gómez has been much commented on in recent months. Young put Manuela Gómez’s products to the test and that’s how it went

In part, this is due to his confrontation with Yina Calderón.

It is worth mentioning that the two women were shown as friends several months ago.

However, from one moment to another they lost contact with each other on social networks.

This began to be noticeable among Internet users, who increasingly asked about their relationship.

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It was Manuela who was honest about the situation and assured that everything had been due to a misunderstanding.

And it is that the two made a business in which she would give him several Barbies in exchange for followers.

The former protagonist did her part and according to her, spent approximately eight million pesos.

While Yina did not comply with the followers, according to what Manuela said.

Which is why he asked him to return the money, since most of the payments were made with a credit card.

Additionally, he assured that Yina stopped responding to the messages and never responded to the issue.

On the other hand, Yina’s only response was that she would not say anything, because “I would not fall into their trap.”

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Just as Yina has her girdle, enamels and natural products company, Manuela also has a business.

Among its product catalog, it has a nail strengthening base, a hair color tint and a depigmenting agent.

Many have wondered how good their products are.

Now, a young woman on TikTok put one of them to the test, the depigmenting one.

She tried it on her armpits, which were stained from constant waxing.

The first thing to clarify that it smells of mint and should be applied with clean skin.

She applied it with a brush and claimed the process took about a month.

At first her armpits looked darker, but As the days passed, the product fulfilled its function.

Young put Manuela Gómez’s products to the test and that’s how it went

The truth is The young woman valued it very well and affirmed that it met all her expectations.

Finally, he made it clear that he does not know what it contains, since the ingredients do not appear in the container.

The comments were immediate and many have affirmed that it also worked for them.

Let’s remember that …

During 2020 Yina had to go through several surgeries, some on her buttocks and others on her face.

Yina changed the prostheses she had on her tail, and due to the biopolymers they started to fall off.

At first it seemed that he did not care about the appearance of his buttocks, in fact he got a tattoo.

However, over time they changed their appearance until he decided to undergo surgery again.

This time, with a different surgeon, who suggested removing the prostheses, something to which she refused.

Later Several videos came to light in which there was evidence that he was not taking care of himself and the recovery was not good.

For this reason, he decided to undergo a buttock trim and permanently remove the prostheses.

This, in addition to leaving a large scar, also caused several healing problems.

In fact, Yina had to undergo surgery twice more until her wound finally closed.

On the other hand, a ‘lifting facial’ which actually must be a lipopapada.

The truth is that it seems that Yina will not stop having operations, because a few weeks ago she announced that she will completely change the features of her face.

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