TikTok is one of the fastest growing platforms in 2020. Young man moved to tears by cutting his hair to cheer up his mother with cancer

Due to its algorithm it is easy for several videos to go viral.

This is precisely what happened with a 20-year-old Colombian youth.

The story of him and his mom has gone viral on the app.

There, your user, identified as Miguel Ángel Serna published a commented video.

Apparently her mom was struggling with a disease from which she lost her hair.

Although it is not known what it was, many say that the woman suffered from a type of cancer.

In the video he appears standing right behind his mother as he completely cuts his hair.

Apparently, the idea was that he was going to completely remove her hair, but he decided to do it first.

Meanwhile she is amazed and then moved to see the gesture her son made for her.

“This love is infinite my beautiful old woman. You are the best mother in the world, remember that we came out of this together ”.

The publication went viral and reached more than three and a half million likes and almost six thousand comments.

However, the story had a bitter end, as she passed away on March 15.

Through his TikTok account, the young man has published several videos remembering her.

“Shine as always my beautiful angel 😭😇🥺You are in a better place … And forgetting you is not allowed”, wrote.

Young man moved to tears by cutting his hair to cheer up his mother with cancer

His videos have thousands of views and the comments have not been long in coming.

Many mourn the death of the woman and send messages of encouragement to the young man.

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