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Young man escapes from his captors in Los Mochis

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. A young woman who had allegedly been deprived of her freedom hours before, he managed to escape from his captors and get to safety, this Sunday afternoon.

It is about Oyuki N, who presented blows in different parts of the body and was in a state of shock.

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According to the information obtained, the young woman was “raised” when she was in a pantheon. Hours later, he managed to escape from his captors and arrived on his own foot in the vicinity of Las Malvinas, where he requested help.

Some residents of the sector gave her support and gave notice to the emergency number, so two patrols were quickly mobilized, and after confirming what had happened they transferred her to a safe place.

State Investigation Police arrived moments later to collect data on what happened.

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