young man dies after choking while eating

A family from Kanasín lives today a tragedy because a 16-year-old girl died of bronchial aspiration when he ate.

The young woman Xiomara K.O.B., was eating with his relatives at home when he suddenly choked and moments later he passed out.

Her father immediately put her in his car and took her to the guardhouse located on Calle 75 con 58D de Santa Isabel, assigned to elements of the National Guard (GN).

I was already dead

The Lord He entered with his daughter in his arms and asked for support to the GN agent who was at the scene, who in turn asked the Municipal Police for support.

In a few minutes municipal police and paramedics arrived, but they could do nothing for the young woman was already dead.

The place was cordoned off and the next of kin are at the door at this time, waiting for the corresponding proceedings from the Public Ministry.

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