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“You will pay me”: Samburskaya does not understand why huge sums are demanded from her

In the Stories of the personal microblog of the actress and singer Nastasya Samburskaya, frames appeared in which the celebrity addresses the composer Viktor Drobysh. The girl wrote down claims to the production center, with which she had a contract until recently.

“You have not completed the required amount of work indicated there. I had every legal right to terminate the contract. What have you done? You went to the management company to find out how to destroy my apartment. I was just scared. The first time I was scared that I would have too much difficulty. I stayed for another year, which I regret, ”said Nastasya.

The performer emphasized that the team of promoting artists at Drobysh left much to be desired:

“You demand 400 thousand rubles from me for PR. And I will tell you what PR-covs you hired. Here I am sitting at an event, I was invited there. And the PR-ts from your production center calls me and says: “Would you like to attend such an event?” And I’m already on it. “

Also, Nastasya does not understand why one million two hundred thousand rubles is demanded from her for communication and Internet services.

“Have I called my relatives in Cambodia?” Nastasya was surprised.

The artist angrily continued to guess why Drobysh could have collected such a sum from her. The actress also said that she personally had to promote other performers of the composer.

“Well, that is, you will pay me money for this,” summed up Samburskaya.

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