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“You can’t play boxing”: Andy Ruiz ready to resurface in the ring against Chris Arreola

Like all difficult moments in life, Andy Ruiz knows what it’s like to fall. Now, it’s time to get up. This Saturday, May 1, in front of Chris Arreola, the boxer born in Imperial Valley, California, will seek to show a different facet so that this fight is the resurgence of Andy Ruiz in boxing.

“You will see a different Andy, fast, someone who is more dedicated in this sport, not like before that I was very fat and I did not mind training hard. Thank God we are one hundred percent, not yet where I want, but not where I was before, ”Andy said from his training camp in San Diego, California, exclusively for ESPN Deportes.

After making boxing history as the first Mexican champion in the heavyweight division against Anthony Joshua in June 2019, Andy went from euphoria to depression in the space of six months.

“Fame has come to him and any boy transforms him,” shared his father, Andrés Ruiz, who accompanies him at all times. “After we won, the fame came that they didn’t even let him eat, they brought him up and down, that destabilized him.”

In December 2019, Joshua prevailed in the rematch against Ruiz, stripping him of the belts. For the second fight against the British fighter, Andy acknowledged not having prepared as he should; He didn’t train hard, put on weight, and was over pounds, even for the full division.

“When I lost my belts, I felt bad, I felt angry with myself, I felt empty and now that I have another mentality, I want to achieve what I achieved that June 1,” said the 31-year-old boxer.

After the defeat, Ruiz looked for the best Mexican fighter today, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, to join his team together with coach Eddy Reynoso and thus get back on track. Ruíz ended his working relationship with his former coach, Manny Robles, and joined Canelo’s camp.

“(When I arrived) I was at 310 pounds, with them I have lost about 50 pounds,” recalled Andy who currently weighs 255 pounds.

Together with Reynoso, the physical trainers and nutritionist, they sought to put Andy in shape. “He was quite overweight even though he is a heavyweight, he had a few pounds left over, we worked on that so that he arrives stronger, faster and has more mobility in the ring and more speed than he already has. We are on the right track ”, shared his coach Reynoso before the ESPN microphones.


Andy Ruiz is the ‘Rocky Balboa’ of flesh and blood

Andy Ruiz fell into a slump when he lost his heavyweight belts and against Chris Arreloa he has a chance to redeem himself.

As a child, Andy always had a robust complexion. Physically he did not make an initial impact, but once he stepped into the ring, the young boxer impressed with his skills.

“He was a boy who when he boxed he left everyone impressed, from the age of 7 he hit those of 12 or 15, he fought all of them,” his father recalled. “When he was little Andy was tremendous, he was very hyperactive. That was the reason that I put him into boxing, because his mother couldn’t stand it. I work in construction, I would leave work and then I would take him to the gym to tire him out ”.

Today Andy himself is the father of a family. Find in your children a new motivation to get ahead.

“My motivation is my children and my family, I want to be able to support my whole family and go up high,” said a smiling Andy.

Like the kid who fought older boxers, Andy will face a veteran rival in Chris Arreola. Both boxers grew up in Southern California, are of Mexican descent, have mutual admiration and knew that this match would one day happen.

“This fight is something that motivates me a lot because I have known him (Arreola) since I was 16 years old, I knew that one day I was going to fight him and that day will come on May 1st. We are focused and ready for whatever comes next, ”Ruiz said.

Throughout his career, the experienced Arreola could not achieve what Andy did against Joshua, be champion of the category. At 40 years of age, this fight represents an opportunity to demonstrate why it is called a “nightmare” for his rivals. He holds a mark of 38 wins (33 by knockout), 6 losses and 1 draw.

“There are veteran fighters who are world champions, Arreola has always been a first-rate fighter who dies in the ring, with Mexican blood, he has already fought for world championships. He is not an easy challenger, he will want to look for his last chance in boxing and it will be something interesting, “Reynoso said.

Andy Ruiz Jr. is not intimidated by the challenge of taking on Chris Arreola. On the contrary, he has issued a warning that a completely different version will be seen above the ring. The current version of Andy, he would have liked his self from that December 2019 in Saudi Arabia to take things more seriously.

“I would tell him not to make the mistakes I made the other times, to be disciplined, to train every day, you can’t play boxing,” Ruiz concluded.

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