“Yo me planto”: the striking campaign of the mayor who resists the landing of Máximo Kirchner in the Buenos Aires PJ

Fernando Gray, mayor of Esteban Echeverría, presented an afforestation plan with a slogan that alludes to another battle: his rejection of Máximo Kirchner assuming the presidency of the Buenos Aires PJ, displacing the current leadership Credit: Esteban Echeverría

The fight for control of Buenos Aires PJ it leaks even into innocent-looking municipal initiatives. It is the case of an afforestation campaign launched by Fernando Gray, mayor of Esteban Echeverría and vice president of the provincial justicialismo. Under the slogan “Yo me planto”, spread next to his photo, the campaign refers to another scenario: Gray’s attempt to resist the landing of Máximo Kirchner in the presidency of the party.

Officially, the initiative is called the Native Plant Afforestation Program. The goal announced by the Municipality of Esteban Echeverría is to plant “more than a thousand trees.” However, the image of Gray, shovel in hand next to a tree and the hashtag “YoMePlanto”, is offered as an unequivocal allusion to the Peronist battle. On the other hand, uncertain is the position that Máximo Kirchner will assume, if he decides on a reaction: Since he began to advance decisively in Buenos Aires territory, Cristina Kirchner’s son has not faced open challenges.

Close to the communal chief, they do not deny that the initiative includes a message for the Peronist inmate; on the contrary, they let speculation circulate. At the moment, Gray did not speak out publicly about the controversy with Máximo, although he did let it transpire that he is willing to fight to defend the continuity of the current party mandates. With the support of Kirchnerism, the leader of The field aspires to terminate them in advance, to assume against the party in March.

It is not the first hint given by Gray. In a video recorded to greet the residents of Esteban Echeverría for the New Year, he stated that “different times are coming, of dialogue, of openness, of consensus and not of impositions.”

Gray, together with the president of the Buenos Aires PJ, Gustavo Menéndez (mayor of Merlo), and Juan Zabaleta (mayor of Hurlingham and party councilor), was one of those criticized by Máximo Kirchner in a barbecue held 15 days ago in Lomas de Zamora, when his plan to stay with party ownership had already transcended and resistance arose.

A few days after those criticisms, the president Alberto Fernandez supported the head of the bloc of pro-government national deputies to preside over the Buenos Aires justicialismo and several mayors joined the support, among which he pointed Martín Insaurralde, the communal chief most ingrained with the cause of Máximo.

Martín Insaurralde, an ally of Fernando Gray for years, today promotes the landing of Máximo Kirchner in the PJ
Martín Insaurralde, an ally of Fernando Gray for years, today promotes the landing of Máximo Kirchner in the PJ

As he could know THE NATION, the conflict could have a resolution in February, although the dynamics of the fight may upset that estimated date that a party source commented. The Buenos Aires PJ has authorities in force until December of this year (Menéndez and Gray lead it, alternating in the presidency), so the way in which a landing of Máximo Kirchner would take place is unknown.

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