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Yina Calderón joined the public figures who reject the tax reform

Yina Calderón is one of the most controversial influencers in the country. Yina Calderón joined the public figures who reject the tax reform

It is no secret to anyone that it has been widely criticized for its publications, its surgeries and constant parties.

The truth is that it seems that the influencer is not affected by criticism.

Some netizens have even claimed that it could motivate them on purpose.

This happened last week when an intimate video of her with her boyfriend was leaked.

Although he has not yet addressed the issue, many rumors claimed that the video could be planned.

In addition, He was in the public eye for another controversy, this time with Manuela Gómez.

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And it is that the ex-protagonist affirmed that Yina would have breached a business between the two.

This consisted of her giving him approximately 20 Barbies in exchange for a considerable number of followers.

Manuela assured that Yina did not give her the followers and if she kept some of the dolls, which cost her approximately eight million pesos.

Reason why the ex-protagonist proposed to Yina that she return the money, since she does not know what to do with the dolls.

Apparently, the influencer’s answer was affirmative, and later she did not answer Manuela again.

As expected, members of her family and some of her friends have defended her from criticism on the networks.

In addition, the businesswoman took another measure and that is to make her Instagram account private.

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However, the influencer changed her profile picture to make sure everyone saw a post.

It is a photograph with which he joined the public figures who reject the tax reform.

With this, it is intended to increase the VAT of basic services, and various foods from the family basket.

This has not been well received by Colombians and on social networks many have expressed their discontent.

In fact, again a national strike was called today, April 28 of this year.

And it is that, for many, this reform would affect the middle class, which could have serious consequences in the future.

Several artists have spoken out against the issue, such as Santiago Alarcón, Sara Uribe, Lina Tejeiro, Luisa Fernanda W and even Alberto Linero.

Now Yina Calderón has also done it, with a banner in front of her girdle company.

“At Fajas Yina Calderón we also say ‘No to the tax reform.”

Yina Calderón joined the public figures who reject the tax reform

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Several have congratulated the influencer for supporting the national strike and rejecting the reform.

Let’s remember that …

During 2020 Yina had to go through several surgeries, some on her buttocks and others on her face.

Yina changed the prostheses she had on her tail, and due to the biopolymers they started to fall off.

At first it seemed that he did not care about the appearance of his buttocks, in fact he got a tattoo.

However, over time they changed their appearance until he decided to undergo surgery again.

This time, with a different surgeon, who suggested removing the prostheses, something to which she refused.

Later Several videos came to light in which there was evidence that he was not taking care of himself and the recovery was not good.

For this reason, he decided to undergo a buttock trim and permanently remove the prostheses.

This, in addition to leaving a large scar, also caused several healing problems.

In fact, Yina had to undergo surgery twice more until her wound finally closed.

On the other hand, a ‘lifting facial’ which actually must be a lipopapada.

The truth is that it seems that Yina will not stop having operations, because a few weeks ago she announced that she will completely change the features of her face.

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