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Yankees sideline Aaron Judge with left side pain

NEW YORK – New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge was left out of the New York lineup Wednesday night with pain in his left side.

Judge hit a home run, three hits and four RBIs in a 7-2 victory Tuesday night, but was not in the lineup again against the Orioles a day later. New York has a day off on Thursday, giving the right fielder a chance to rest on consecutive days.

Manager Aaron Boone said he thought the pain was due to “general wear and tear” during the early days of the season. He believes the discomfort could be due to Judge taking more swings than normal while serving as designated hitter on Sunday.

“I just don’t want to take risks right now,” Boone said.

Judge, the 2017 AL Rookie of the Year, missed 142 games between 2018-20 and entered the disabled list at different points with a right wrist fracture, a left oblique strain and twice for a strain. of the right calf.

Boone said Judge’s current pain didn’t seem specific to the left oblique, but called it “general pain” on that side.

Judge, 28, planned to join the team for the pregame stretch, and Boone didn’t rule out using him as a pinch hitter. He also said the right fielder was not expected to seek an MRI or other imaging test, but that he would not rule it out as a possibility.

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