Many stars of show business came to see how St. Petersburg in a superhero film turns into a kind of Gotham.

Russian cinema is haunted by the laurels of Marvel and DC. By the way, an attempt to adapt domestic comics to film has already taken place thanks to the “Defenders” by Sarik Andreasyan, but did not win popular love. But the second pancake, according to critics, came out very well: the film “Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor” experts predict big box office receipts and a sequel. The director Oleg Trofim understood: it was only necessary to add Russian realities to the beloved “superhero” shooting.

The incarnation of the latter was the main character of the tape himself, Major Igor Grom, played by Tikhon Zhiznevsky. Honest and principled, even he is not always able to stop the villains who get out of the press of justice thanks to money and connections.

And if the appearance of a typically Russian law enforcement officer in the film is not surprising, then the debut of the Plague Doctor, more like Batman, is intriguing. The unnamed anti-hero takes justice into his own hands, which provokes the valiant major into a personal duel.

Many celebrities came to the premiere to be the first to see the outcome of the confrontation between Thunder and his anonymous rival. Yanina Studilina, Alena Vodonaeva, Dima Maslennikov, Andrey Gaidulyan, Vladimir Yaglych, Angelica Kashirina, Renata Piotrovski and many other celebrities visited the Karo 11 October cinema.

Many guests appeared at the premiere in black, like the main anti-hero of the film. Alena Vodonaeva stood out against their background in her white outfit with yellow fluffy slippers. The bright side was supported by Aleksandra Revenko and Laura Kemstach.

The guests remembered the vivid images of Yang Ge and Katya Kabak. Black and white outfits, by the way, perfectly match the theme of the tape: in the world of the protagonist there are only two poles, between which he is trying to find justice.

The film will be released on April 1. Critics gave positive reviews, but, as you know, “it’s better to see once …”. Who knows, suddenly a real enemy of the Western MCUs enters the world arena?

Photo: Andrei Kalmykov

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