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Yaku Pérez voted for himself and proved it with his ballot

Former presidential candidate Yaku Pérez voted for himself during this second round of elections.

Pérez showed the cameras his vote, where it reads: “Yaku President, resistance.” This according to what was announced a few days ago where he indicated that he does not support either of the two candidates who are for the second round.

In addition, this action annuls their vote, in congruence with Pachakutik’s guidelines, exposed days before the elections.

Pérez voted in Tarqui, a rural parish in Cuenca, where he also accompanied his mother so she can vote.

Ecuador MetroApril 11, 2021

Yaku Pérez: “Whoever wins I wish the best”

In his subsequent statements, he said that “he wishes the best to anyone who wins and that they must be given a chance.

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  • Yaku Pérez voted for himself and proved it with his ballot

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