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Xiye Bastida, the young Mexican who dared to scold world leaders

The world is facing one of the most dire climate crises of all time and it is going at an accelerated pace. While forest fires, droughts, the melting of glaciers, the extinction of animal species and the very high levels of pollution around the world seem distant, in reality they affect us in a direct and alarming way.

No one is immune from the devastating consequences of climate change. Fortunately, younger generations are taking action to raise awareness.

In recent years, Greta ThunbergAn 18-year-old Swedish environmental activist, has given much to talk about for her work on the problem of climate change. Now is the mexican Xiye Bastida who has captured everyone’s attention after harshly reprimanding the leaders who participated in the 2021 Climate Summit.

The 19-year-old was unfazed by criticize their lack of vision and interest to contain the climate crisis. He also said that what we are experiencing is the result of colonialism and capitalism.

Xiye has been baptized as the “Greta Thunberg of America” because of the similarities she shares with the Swede, between age and the ambitious project he has to demand actions to protect the planet.

The young woman demanded that world leaders “recognize” the demands of the thousands of young people who have become environmental activists.

“I did not want to come here and read our concerns and demands, because if they had been listening to us, they would already know what they are,” he declared in his speech.

In his speech he also criticized the participation of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which he described as “lack of ambition.”

“Most of the leaders at this summit are from the global north, which has historically perpetuated these systems.s. The most affected communities, those that have been displaced by droughts, floods, fires, crop failures and rights abuses are not well represented here, ”he denounced.

Xiye Bastida was born in San Pedro Tultepec, State of Mexico and belongs to the Otomí and Toltec indigenous communities. He also has Chilean nationality from his mother.

After the rains that caused the flooding of her town in 2005, she was forced to emigrate with her family to the United States.

Like Greta, Xiye began by attending marches organized by activist groups and was part of organizations such as Peoples Climate Movement, Sunrise Movement Y Extinction Rebellion. She soon joined the “Fridays For Future” movement, in which Greta Thunberg participates, to demand emission reductions.

“They will tell us over and over again that (young activists) we are unrealistic and unreasonable. But who is being unrealistic and unreasonable with these so-called unambitious solutions? “

Xiye is co-founder of Re-Earth Iniciative, a non-profit organization in which virtual seminars are held and interested people are taught to participate and get involved in the climate movement. He is currently studying at the University of Pennsylvania.

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