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Ximena Hita: they are investigating if her death was a suicide

Experts from the State Attorney General’s Office are working to officially determine the causes of Ximena Hita’s death, whether it was a suicide or homicide.

On January 1, the world of modeling in Mexico and society in general was surprised by the death of the model and current Miss Aguscalientes Ximena Hita, so far no hhas released the official version of the death and is investigating whether it was suicide.

Local media reported that municipal police attended the report on Calle Circuito el Huamuchil of the Residential Fraccionamiento del Parque in the city of Aguascalientes, where an unconscious person was reported inside a building.

According to the official report, the police elements were received by Gabriela «N», 48 years old, who informed them that she had found her daughter hanging inside her room, because she had tied on his neck one end of a cord from the window curtain in his bedroom,When he realized this situation, he took her down and put her on the bed.

After his arrival, paramedics from the Municipal Civil Protection Coordination confirmed the absence of vital signs for 21-year-old Ximena Hita.

Personnel from the General Directorate of Expert Investigation, as well as personnel from the Homicide Group of the State Attorney General’s Office, who carried out the gathering of evidence and the subsequent transfer of the body are working to officially determine the causes of death, whether it was suicide or homicide.

The death of Ximena Hita confirmed it, without specifying the day and details of the young woman’s death, the organization expressed its grief of a statement and expressed his condolences to family and friends.

“There is no correct way to communicate such unfortunate news as this; The confirmation of the death of Ximena Hita Miss Aguascalientes, whom we knew, appreciated and admired, fills us with pain and sadness; who will forever remain in our memories “

Miss Mexico Organization

Ximena Hita, along with modeling, worked as a paramedic and studied nursing while she was preparing for the Miss Mexico 2020 beauty pageant, Within the contest, he headed a social project called “Lives with meaning”, focused on preventing suicide in children and young people.

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