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Xiaomi solves one of the most important MIUI bugs that affects us all – Xiaomi News

Finally, Xiaomi has decided to solve one of the most important MIUI bugs. And no, we are not talking about the high energy consumption that MIUI 12 supposes, but about a security failure or approach, which put our privacy and security at risk.

To date, if we lock our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO and turn on the screen again without actually unlocking it, MIUI allows us to slide the Control Center and therefore deactivate / activate the connections or even start the airplane mode.

In this way, if we lose our smartphone, anyone who encountered it could activate airplane mode and therefore, prevent us from being able to locate it through the functionalities of finding my device that Xiaomi Cloud adds.

Xiaomi solves one of the most important MIUI bugs that affects us all.  News Xiaomi Addicts
With the terminal locked, the Control Center can be deployed.

Also, by going offline, we it would be practically impossible to block the stored data on your device or remotely start lost mode. A failure or quite important approach, which many followers of the firm have been waiting for a long time.

The Control Center will no longer be displayed with our Xiaomi blocked

In view of this, Xiaomi has finally implemented the impossibility that the Control Center can be deployed with the device locked, being the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra the first to receive this long-awaited update via version V12.0.10.0.RKACNXM.

At the moment, although this correction has only been implemented in the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, it is to be expected that ended up reaching virtually all devices, whether Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, which are within the firm’s support plan.

Definitely, 21MB update that could have arrived much earlier. In the same way, the important thing is that it has arrived and that with it our devices will become safer, especially in the face of loss or theft.

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