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WWE takes advantage of Wrestlemania 37 to name the first super fan in its history

WWE took advantage of the “Stage of the Immortals” to make official the certification of Vladimir Abouzeide as the first super fan in history in the company

The eve of the most important event of the WWE It has been the scene of great moments during the last week. The induction of new members to the Hall of Fame, two incredible nights of NXT Stand & Deliver and now, prior to the start of Wrestlemania 37, the company certified the first super fan in its history.

The Executive Vice President of Strategy and Global Talent Development, Paul Levesque, better known as the legendary Triple H, made official the announcement that Vladimir Abouzeide, a follower who has accompanied for more than 25 years the tour of the company throughout the United States will be the first person invested with the title of “superfan”Of the organization.

Through a publication made from the official WWE account, Triple H, together with Stephanie McMahon and the company, made the appointment official, which was accompanied by a video that previews a documentary where Vladimir’s story will be told in detail. Wrestlers like Jeff Jarrett, Psycho Sid and Rowdy Piper appeared in the video with testimonials about their relationship with Vladimir and the impact the fight has on their life.

The documentary can be seen on Peacock TV in the United States and on WWE Network in the rest of the world during the summer, still without a definite release date.

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