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Wuhan: Number of people infected with corona up to ten times higher than previously assumed? – News abroad

What does this study mean for the rest of the world?

As the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced, the number of people actually infected with the coronavirus in Wuhan could in truth be almost ten times higher than previously assumed. The health authorities officially reported “only” 50,354 infections on Sunday.

A study by the CDC now shows that there is apparently a shockingly high number of unreported cases. Tests have shown that 4.43 percent of 34,000 people in Wuhan have already made antibodies against the coronavirus. In relation to the total population of Wuhan (eleven million), that is almost half a million people who were already infected. Among other things, CNN reports on the study.

The CDC said the study began after China contained the first wave of the pandemic. The incidence in other cities in Hubei Province was significantly lower than in Wuhan, it said: Here, antibodies were only detected in 0.44 percent of the population.

According to experts, the study mainly highlights a problem with the registration of corona cases: In the midst of the chaos of the first outbreak, asymptomatic, i.e. symptom-free cases, for example, were not included in the official statistics of corona diseases.

In addition, in January and February 2020, many patients with flu symptoms such as fever flooded the hospitals, which were nowhere near enough staff, test capacities and equipment for treatment. The patients were often sent home to self-isolate and infected family members there. Others died at home without even being included in the list of corona deaths.

Wuhan is considered to be the origin of the global coronavirus pandemic.

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