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WrestleMania 37: ‘Bad Bunny has the respect of everyone in WWE’, Damian Priest

Luis Martínez and Benito Martínez are currently living a dream about the wrestling ring thanks in part to the friendship that Damian Priest and Bad Bunny forged before the television cameras.

Luis Martínez, a Puerto Rican born in New York and better known as Priest in the wrestling world, is on his way to his first WrestleMania as part of an angle involving Benito Martínez, aka Bad Bunny, the Puerto Rican ragman who is one of the most famous artists in the world. The duo is scheduled to face The Miz and John Morrison in a tag team match during the first night of WrestleMania 37 this Saturday, April 10 from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

It’s nothing new to see guest artists in a featured segment of the biggest wrestling show, from Liberace, Muhammad Ali, and Pete Rose to Snoop Dog, Snooki, and Kim Kardashian, among several others, including a certain President of the United States. In 2021, that role is played by Bad Bunny, the Grammy winner who previously had Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T as guests in his videos, and who has never hidden his love for wrestling and his dream of participating. at the ‘show of shows’.

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While some guests from the past were limited to showing up, smiling and saying hello – although characters like Lawrence Taylor and Floyd Mayweather starred in fights and others like Mike Tyson and Mickey Rourke were physically involved – Priest clarifies that Bad Bunny is not the typical star he only seeks have a presence in one of the most media events in the world.

“Bad Bunny is a great star in the world, but when he is here in the world of us he behaves like a child who is trying to learn. I love that about him. He is not an artist who comes to promote something he has done, it is not the reason why he is here. He is here because he wants to be here, ”Priest said in an interview with ESPN. Every week, every day. He moved here from Puerto Rico just to spend time in WWE, learning and spending time in this life. That shows that the person really loves it ”.


Damian Priest: ‘With Bad Bunny, we have a real friendship’

Luis Martínez, better known as Damian Priest, talks about how his friendship with his compatriot Bad Bunny was forged and why the Puerto Rican artist earned the respect of everyone in WWE.

Priest made his debut on the WWE ‘main roster’ at the Royal Rumble, an event that featured the musical participation of Bad Bunny and that marked the beginning of his angle with Miz and Morrison. Since then, the Puerto Rican duo has been regular and inseparable on TV; in fact, Priest helped the ‘Rabbit’ to be crowned the 24/7 WWE Champion during the Monday Night Raw show on February 15th. Following the history of said championship, Bad Bunny carried the belt everywhere, including his participation live on Saturday Night Live on February 20.

“Bad Bunny is a professional, he knows how to achieve success in his life. This was a dream for him and he was able to achieve it. He is a tremendous person, very respectful. There is no one in the company who has something bad to say about Bad Bunny, ”added the 38-year-old veteran fighter. “For me he is a person like me, happy to live his dream. You are enjoying what you are doing. I understand what it is to be living that dream. And I like how they treat him in the company, they treat him with respect because he deserves it ”.

According to the angle took shape on TV towards the biggest stage of wrestling, Bad Bunny’s physical activity also increased since that first time he flew through the air at the Royal Rumble; In the last few weeks, he’s been hit with a guitar, took ‘revenge’, took a ‘beating’ and cut a promo in the ring … just like any other superstar, with a page on the official WWE site and all. And next to him Priest, who did not personally know the ‘Rabbit’ prior to their collaboration, although their time together now unites them forever with a memory of a dream come true in the ring.

“We have a real friendship. We are from the same place in Puerto Rico, we grew up in the same place in Vega Baja. We have a lot in common that most people don’t know, ”Priest said. “We don’t just talk about the struggle, we talk about other things, about life. I get along very well with him and I love seeing him so happy being part of our world ”.

ESPN Digital’s Héctor Cruz contributed to this report

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