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Wounds that you should never leave on your children or you will affect their self-esteem forever

Children are the most important thing we have in life, and our goal will always be to give them the best teaching, guide them and offer them our love.

However, there are many actions on our part that hurt them and leave them seriously injured.

And it is that not only does it hurt them the moment you do it, but it will trauma them forever and turn them into frustrated and insecure men and women.

So you must be very careful with what you do and how you treat your children, and that is why here we tell you what you should not do so that you do not hurt them.

Wounds that you should never leave on your children or they will grow up frustrated and insecure

Not spending time on them

Not spending time with your children is the worst thing you can do to them, as they will feel abandoned, ignored, and feel a deep emptiness, growing up with fear and low self-esteem.

And it is that your little one will feel that he is worth nothing because neither his parents pay attention to him and spend time on him, and this will affect him as he grows up, and they will be men and women who reject affection and physical contact and will not be able to trust anyone.

Derogatory words

Using derogatory words with your children is never good, because you only humiliate them, and you will make them feel insecure, affecting their self-esteem.

Words like “clumsy”, “bad”, or “gross” are the kind that you should never tell your little ones, better motivate them, highlight their virtues, and be very patient with them.

Breaking promises

There is nothing worse for a child that you promise things that then you do not fulfill, this will hurt them emotionally, and will not set the best example.

That will teach them that they cannot trust anyone, not even their own parents, and they will grow up with low self-esteem and have problems in their love relationships.

So from now on, take a good look at how you treat your children, and keep in mind that these actions will leave a wound in them forever.

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