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Worth up to 70,000 euros – wife deep-fried her husband’s expensive ornamental fish

Captain Iglo doesn’t like that …

During a marriage row, an Indonesian woman went crazy and deep-fried her husband’s super expensive fish. Several media reports unanimously on this.

The story goes like this: Mia Kurniawan had trouble with her husband because he refused to clean the aquarium. On TikTok, the woman published a video of how she scaled the animal, slid it into a pan with boiling hot oil and then placed it on a plate.

The snack is not just any animal, but an arowana. This is actually a freshwater predatory fish that lives in the Amazon. However, the species is very popular with aquarists.

Fierce: The animals are traded up to 70,000 US dollars (the equivalent of around 60,000 euros)! It is not known how expensive the eaten specimen was. What is clear, however, is that arowanas are a status symbol, especially in Asia. So the bite shouldn’t have been cheap. Prices start in the three-digit dollar range.

At TikTok, users were pretty pissed off about the promotion. Most of the more than 2000 comments are nasty. The video has now been viewed more than seven million times.

Mia Kurniawan has assured that the fish was already dead. Because he didn’t survive in the dirty aquarium.

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Be that as it may: Apparently, the house blessing is no longer crooked for the Indonesian couple. Mia Kurniawan has now published another video on TikTok. On it: a certificate of authenticity for the purchase of a new arowana.

What it cost is also not known. The young woman wrote apologetically: “I have no idea what is cheap and what is expensive.”

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