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Worst hairstyles ever for an Oscar: comb it immediately!

The stars begin to prepare to enter the red carpet of the most prestigious film award in the world a couple of months before the event itself. And there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this: getting under the crosshairs of cameras, celebrities should look fresh and luxurious.

A whole team of nutritionists, cosmetologists, makeup artists and hairdressers helps the actress to prepare for the X hour. However, it also happens that the star stylists are mistaken – and then the lush pile created by them or the abundance of styling on the hair spoil the whole impression. We’ve rounded up the 20 worst hairstyles celebrities have ever wore at an Oscar.

Jennifer Lopez, 2002

This hairstyle by J. Lo is traditionally included in the lists of the worst hairstyles of all time. The singer was compared to both a cake and a high school graduate who accidentally got to the film awards ceremony. Hopefully after that she fired her stylist.

Angelina Jolie, 2000

There were times when Angelina Jolie was more like the heroine from the movie “The Addams Family” than a Hollywood actress. Just take a look at her image at the Oscars in 2000: long, thin, unkempt strands of black and gray color clearly did not add gloss to the image.

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Cher, 2000

Singer Cher always amazes with her shocking images, but in 2000 she managed to really surprise her fans. She went to the Oscar with such frantic curls that when looking at photos from the event, only one conclusion suggested itself: it seems that the stylist was hanging on someone’s ears.

Kate Hudson, 2001

The hairstyle has aged Kate at least 10 years. In this photograph, she reminds us of Elizabeth Bennett’s mother from the famous 1995 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Not the best look to appear on the red carpet.

Sharon Stone, 2011

Sharon’s sinister image entered the annals of Oscar history. Still: rarely on the head of a star you see a fleece the size of a skyscraper.

Kristen Stewart, 2013

Known for her relaxed attitude towards looks, Kristen decided not to spend a lot of time styling this time. I washed my hair – already done!

Scarlett Johansson, 2005 goal

In 2005, at the Oscar ceremony, Scarlett Johansson’s hairstyle was, to put it mildly, not Hollywood … The curls were intertwined with a thin rope, invisible hairpins stuck out on the sides, and the hair formed a curly cloud above the forehead. We dare to assume that now these photos also make Scarlett smile.

Helena Bonham Carter, 2006

The ex-wife of Tim Burton has never been conservative when choosing outfits and looks for the red carpet. The 2006 Oscar ceremony was no exception: high bangs, invariable fleece – in the actress’s styling everything is as we “love”.

Eva Green, 2007

Eva Green chose the image of a vamp woman: bleached skin, eyeliner, high hairstyle. It just turned out to be difficult to understand the idea of ​​her hairdresser: why are these strange creases above the ears?

Gwyneth Paltrow, 1994

At the dawn of her career, Gwyneth did not yet look like a polished Hollywood diva and did not select images as carefully as she does today. Only for this we can write off the too simple styling that she chose for the ceremony back in 1994. Over time, the actress managed to find a balance between luxury and simplicity.

Heidi Klum, 2008

Heidi’s stylists proudly admitted that it took them two hours to create this hairstyle. We readily believe! After all, it is impossible to quickly create a bun the size of a second head.

Laura Linney, 2005

Laura Linney’s hairdo at the 2005 Academy Awards is an example of how overusing styling products can ruin an entire look. Slicked back hair looked messy and unkempt.

Marsha Gay Harden, 2004

Marsha Gay Harden, nominated for an Oscar for The Mysterious River, attended the ceremony in 2004, while pregnant. Apparently, she decided to divert attention from the rounded belly and for this purpose she chose a retro look with a huge chignon on her head.

Jodie Foster, 1993

Foster’s acting talent is undeniable, but her sense of beauty seems to be in question. The stylists erected a real house on the head of the Oscar-winning Jodie Foster – even someone could live in it. For example, Carlson!

Lisa Rinna, 2009

Lisa Rinna’s look is one of the best examples of how not to look on the red carpet. In the late 2000s, such short haircuts were at the peak of popularity, but it is not entirely clear why the strands were placed vertically, creating a kind of “hedgehog” on the head.

Juliet Lewis, 1992

The American actress was nominated for an Oscar in 1992 for Best Supporting Actress in Cape Fear. However, now no one will remember whether Lewis received the coveted statuette, but many still cannot forget her ridiculous hairstyle. At that time, the wave of popularity of braids had already subsided, but the star chose them for her release. The styling looked at least strange.

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