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Wormhole, a service to send 10 GB in encrypted form

Wormhole, a service to send encrypted files

It should also be borne in mind that not all online services that allow us to send files to other users have such capacity. It is very common to find similar services that are limited to 1 or 2 GB in their free version. However in this case we can send up to 10 GB without any problem.

Wormhole works in a similar way to other similar services. It can be used from the browser itself, without the need to install any program. The way of use is very intuitive. When we enter the web page we will find a button to add files, although we can also drag them directly.

Share files with Wormhole

Once we upload that file, as we can see in the image above, a message appears indicating that it has been encrypted and that it will be available for 24 hours. In addition, we can see the option to copy the link or give it to share to show us the options. We simply have to copy the link and share it with any user and you can download that file without problems.

We can also give Preview and it will show us the files that we have uploaded. For example, in our case we have simply uploaded a text file with the name of RedesZone, it appears as seen in the image below.

Preview files in Wormhole

The link expires after 24 hours

A very important point that we must bear in mind is that links expire when 24 hours pass. Therefore, if we are going to send a folder or files to a friend or relative, we must bear in mind that they should download it as soon as possible. It cannot be more than a day, otherwise we would have to upload it again. We already saw the best cloud storage services.

It should be noted that the web interface is very intuitive, the page loads fast and it is not necessary to register. The operation is as simple as uploading a file, selecting the folder on our computer and uploading. Also, as we have indicated, we can simply drag and drop.

The maximum size is 10 GB, which we can divide into several files or simply upload a large one. This is undoubtedly one of the strengths, since not many free services and also encrypted will allow sending a similar size.

In short, Wormhole is a very interesting online service to share files with other users. It allows us to send them in encrypted form and thus not run any risk. It is therefore an option to take into account within the range of possibilities that exist. It does not need installation and that is also important.

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