“Women must be consulted and decide”: AMLO spoke of abortion in Mexico after decriminalization in Argentina

Photo: Presidency of Mexico.
Photo: Presidency of Mexico.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said this Thursday in his press conference that there are ways to decriminalize abortion throughout the country, as Argentina did recently, because it is a decision that should not be taken from the structures of the power, but it is a women’s issue.

He indicated that on controversial issues such as abortion, people must be taken into account, specifically in this case women, and he recalled that citizen consultations are a mechanism that can be binding.

“Well, it is a decision they made in Argentina, In the case of Mexico, we have argued that it is an issue that must be consulted and in which women must decide freely, and that there is no limitation for those in favor of these changes in the legislation to speak out, there is freedom absolute and in very controversial subjects, the best thing is always I have maintained, it is that citizens be consulted, that nothing is imposed, that everything is according to the majority decision of the people and in this case of women who decide freely, but that nothing is imposed, the best method to resolve discrepancies , differences, points of view because it is the democratic method that is what I have always maintained ”, indicated the Mexican president.

Protesters camped at the gates of the Argentine Congress, awaiting the vote in the Senate on the legalization of abortion.  EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni
Protesters camped at the gates of the Argentine Congress, awaiting the vote in the Senate on the legalization of abortion. EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

López Obrador pointed out that it is a decision of the women, and that his position on the matter is that “the best thing is to consult women in this case.

“It is a decision of women, my position is that in these issues where there are points of view for and against, because that is how democracy is, there is no single thought, The best thing is to consult the citizens, and in this case I repeat the women, and there are mechanisms, to be able to request a consultation, our constitution is established in article 35.

And that consultation can be binding and lead to changes in the laws or not, depending on the opinion of women, what I do not think is convenient is that a decision be made from above that even if there is a legitimate legal representation, such as the legislative power; I believe that in these cases it is the application of participatory democracy, ”he said.

Photo: Presidency of Mexico.
Photo: Presidency of Mexico.

The president reiterated that in democracy everyone has to be listened to, and in the case of decriminalizing abortion in all the states of the Republic, women must decide without the intervention of the power structures.

“It’s about respecting everyone, putting freedom first. We are free and in Mexico it is sought, especially in this government, The one that is listened to and everyone is taken into account, without distinction of religion, current of thought, economic, social and cultural situation.

Is to consult everythingYes, because everyone, everyone, everyone, and specifically all women, deserve respect, all, and there must be equality. So, if this is considered necessary, important, there is a way for it to be decided.

That power structures do not intervene, that is, it is not a matter of government or of the powers or of the Churches, but rather it is a matter of women, citizens, the people, the people.

  REUTERS / Toya Sarno Jordan
REUTERS / Toya Sarno Jordan

That is why I think that the best thing is democracy, that people express themselves, a consultation is made and from there the government has to act. It is to command obeying in everything.

And not to oppose anything, to take people into account, not to think that people do not know what is good or bad and, in this case, women. That is my point of view, ”explained López Obrador.

President He raised this Thursday a popular consultation on abortion by avoiding taking a position on its legalization after the law approved by Argentina.

The words of López Obrador They arrived after the approval this Wednesday of legal abortion in Argentina, a practice that in Mexico is only completely decriminalized, up to 12 weeks of gestation, in the capital and in Oaxaca.

As a result, several feminist collectives asked the president’s leftist party, Movimiento Regeneración Nacional (Morena), to assert its majority in Congress to pass a federal law that allows the legal interruption of pregnancy.


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