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Women murdered on dates – serial killer sentenced to 160 years in prison

Newark – A serial killer from the US state of New Jersey was sentenced to 160 years in prison. The 25-year-old murdered three women whom he lured to meet via a dating app. Another survived the attack.

Khalil Wheeler-Weaver, 25, sat motionless as the judge pronounced the verdict in federal court in Newark, report AP reporters. In a brief statement, the defendant denied the acts and said that he had been set up. Mother, brother and aunt were in the courtroom but did not testify.

Prosecutors presented evidence at the trial that Wheeler-Weaver, then 20, used dating apps to meet the women for sex and then strangle them. The women’s bodies were found in northern New Jersey between September and December 2016. Prosecutors said there were several weeks between the murders, so Wheeler-Weaver had time to think about what he had done before killing again.

In the search for the perpetrator, friends had helped one of the victims: They gained access to their social media accounts, set up a fake profile, lured Wheeler-Weaver to a meeting in Montclair and informed the police, according to the prosecutor.

A fourth woman who survived an attack and testified in the process also provided investigators with crucial information.

At the verdict on Wednesday, Tiffany Taylor shared what the attack did to her: “My whole life has changed; I don’t wear make-up anymore; I have no friends. I am constantly paranoid. But I’m glad I’m still here. ”To the judge, she said:“ I hope you don’t show him repentance, because he shows no repentance. ”

In addition to the three murders, Wheeler-Weaver is charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, serious arson and desecration of human remains.

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