Women jump from a moving car to escape from a 150-meter slope

Canton police: It was only the street lamp that stopped the car from crashing

A film-ready rescue operation, which actresses would probably leave their doubles to, was carried out by two women in Switzerland. The two saved themselves with a jump from their moving car before it slid 150 meters down a steep slope and was only stopped 40 meters below by a street lamp. The accident occurred on Christmas Day on a snow-covered street in Walenstadtberg in Switzerland, around 90 kilometers south of Lindau on Lake Constance. The two women came to the hospital with minor injuries, as the St. Gallen police announced on Saturday.

A woman driver lost control on a mountain road

The 41-year-old driver lost control of the car while driving down a mountain road. The vehicle had come off the road over the edge of the road into an embankment. The driver and her 29-year-old co-driver jumped out of the car, which only came to a standstill 150 meters further and 40 meters below the lantern. With clearly visible damage and snowed in, as the photo of the canton police shows.

The investigators estimate the damage to property at 13,000 francs, the equivalent of almost 11,800 euros.

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