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Woman should be expelled – boy (13) has sex with prostitute – indictment!

Red light instead of romance!

A prostitute is currently on trial in Basel. The now 23-year-old sex worker is said to have slept with a 13-year-old toddler. The Romanian is threatened with expulsion from Switzerland.

How „“ reported that the boy wanted to have sexual intercourse in September last year. He found a relevant portal on the Internet, where he found what he was looking for. He contacted the sex worker via WhatsApp. They agreed on a meeting, according to the indictment, ten minutes of lovemaking for 75 francs were agreed. That corresponds to just under 70 euros.

The 13-year-old drove with a friend to the address given on Mattenstrasse in Basel. While the friend was standing at a Schmiere bus stop, the child entered the brothel.

There, according to the prosecutor, the defendant approached the boy. She asked his age, whereupon the 13-year-old said he was of legal age. Even when asked, the precocious Swiss stayed with his story and gave the prostitute the agreed money. Without checking the ID, the woman went to the room with the child.

There the type of sexual intercourse was negotiated before the Romanian put a condom on the minor. When asked whether he was still a virgin, the toddler answered truthfully: Yes. Still, the defendant had sex with him.

Knirps runs into the arms of the police

The matter was discovered because the boy ran into a police patrol as he was leaving the brothel. The officers checked the child and found him to be a minor.

The Romanian has been on trial in Basel since Friday. Should she be convicted, she faces a conditional prison sentence of nine months. In Swiss law, this means that the woman is given the chance not to commit a criminal offense again for the duration mentioned. If she does, she will be expelled from the country for five years at the will of the public prosecutor’s office.

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