Woman shot dead in the Capitol: “Nothing will stop us,” tweeted Ashli ​​B.

Panorama Washington uprising

Woman shot in the Capitol was a Trump supporter and veteran

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“Images that we will associate with Donald Trump’s presidency”

In the US, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. They wanted to prevent the confirmation of Joe Biden as future president. The expert for security policy, Markus Kaim, explains why Donald Trump has to be attributed to these images.

She was there when the Capitol was stormed and was gunned down in the uprising: Ashli ​​B., 35, was a US veteran. Her husband describes her as an “ardent” Trump supporter.

AWhen the fatal bullet hit it, it was wrapped in a flag popular with Trump supporters: A 35-year-old woman died in the uprising in and around the Washington Capitol.

US and UK media have researched her life and background. Accordingly, she is a former US soldier who comes from San Diego (California). This is reported by the Los Angeles Times, among others.

Ashli ​​B. served 14 years in the US Air Force and also completed several foreign assignments, her husband told local TV stations. Among other things, the “New York Post” quotes the man who wanted to remain anonymous as saying: “She was fatally injured in the chaos.”

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His wife was an “ardent” Trump supporter and, like so many of his fans, believed in his allegation of election fraud, the husband continued.

Apparently there was only one shot

The young woman ran a swimming pool shop with her husband, he himself had not gone to the capital. The local branch of Fox News quoted Ashli ​​B.’s grieving mother-in-law as saying, “I really don’t know why she did this.”

According to media reports, B. and other people tried to break into the Capitol building through the glass of a door, as a result of which a single, fatal shot was fired. Press photos show the unsuccessful efforts of rescue workers to save their lives. According to US police, B. later died in a hospital.

The police officer who is said to have shot the woman has been suspended. The incident should be investigated, as the police chief announced. In addition, the occupation of the Capitol should be thoroughly analyzed. This also includes safety planning.

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Storming the US Congress

B. was also active on Twitter, there she describes herself as a “libertarian” and patriot. In the days leading up to the March on Washington, she shared numerous posts from Donald Trump.

A tweet, in which she is said to have written the day before the protests: “Nothing will stop us … you can try and try and try, but the storm is here and it is descending on Washington DC in less than 24 hours. . from dark to light! “, but has apparently been deleted in the meantime.

Three other people also died, but under different circumstances. A woman and two men “appear to have suffered various medical emergencies that resulted in their death,” read the local police chief’s official statement.

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