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Woman killed in the rich paradise of Saint-Tropez – All of France is now hunting this man

Saint-Tropez (France) – He is said to have stalked a woman for months. Now her body has been found – and the man is on the run.

Terrible drama near the French seaside resort of Saint-Tropez: the lifeless body of Doriane R. († 32) was found early on Sunday morning – the young mother was shot in cold blood. Suspected: Marc Floris (33). The police are looking for the alleged murderer with a large contingent.

Marc Floris and Doriane R. are said to have known each other – according to acquaintances of the victim, he harassed her for two months, but she turned him away. He also showed her a weapon once …

The course of the crime and other details are still unclear. One thing is certain: the young woman is said to have been killed by a shot in the head. Her body was at the entrance to her apartment in Plan-de-La-Tour, not far from Saint-Tropez.

The investigators quickly had their sights on Marc Floris, with whom the victim is said to have previously had a relationship, according to the French media. When the police wanted to question the suspect in his apartment in Gréolières, he is said to have shot an officer and then fled, reports the French online portal “BFMTV“.

Now the gendarmerie is searching the French Côte d’Azur with dogs, helicopters and special forces. The search for the dangerous man is concentrated in the area around the town of Gréolières in the mountainous hinterland of Nice. The 33-year-old is armed and is considered dangerous. Doriane R. leaves behind an 11-year-old daughter.

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