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Woman is arrested for murder of her children

Tijuana.- A woman went arrested after confessing having murdered his two sons and then attempt suicide, in Tijuana, reported the Municipal Security and Citizen Protection Secretariat (SSPCM).

In the report of events, it is detailed that at 1:43 p.m., official of the corporation attended a report received through the radio station in which they were informed of the discovery of of the unconscious minors inside a house located in the subdivision Villa Fontana, east of the city.

A man, identified as the father of the minors, opened the door to police and paramedics from the Fire Department. He informed them that his wife murdered their children and then he cut his veins but survived, the bodies of the children, ages 9 and 4They were on the side of the bed.

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In the report, the officers reported that inside the house the woman and the knife with which she would have tried to commit suicide was also found, it was also detailed that when approaching her confessed be responsible for double homicide, smothering them with a pillow overnight.

Both the man and the woman were insured and presented to the Public Ministry of the common jurisdiction, the document does not detail the causes for which the minors were murdered.

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