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Woman has to look at everything – fitness trainer wants to save colleague – both drown

Hearing the panic and agony in her voice is hard to describe. The woman’s pain felt immediately when a wave breaks her heart into millions of pieces because it takes away the love of her life.

“Danila, Danila …”, Darya Gagarina (24) screams again and again. It doesn’t help anymore. Her husband Danila Gagarin (30) no longer appears. Rescue workers were only able to recover his body a day later.

The Russian died trying to save the Finn Emma Mönkkönen (24) from the troubled Mediterranean Sea on the Spanish coast of La Zorra in Torrevieja. The young married couple Danila and Darya lived in Spain. Danila works as a fitness coach with his Finnish colleague Emma. All three were in La Zorra Bay on September 23, where the death drama happened.

In a promotional video of the region, the water is calm, only splashing comfortably on the beach in micro waves. But not on September 23. It splashed up, swirled, easily washed over higher rocks. Still, Emma jumped into the roaring water. Just why? And, please, don’t do it, are the thoughts that come to mind when you watch the video Darya made of the jump.

What was to become a beautiful memory was the record of the deeply sad end of her so far happy life. Danila and Darya quickly realized that Emma would probably no longer be able to get back on land on her own. Danila ran as close as he could to his colleague on the water, trying to tell her where to go. Whether she can even hear these instructions is questionable. Again and again it is washed under.

Danila can no longer stand idly by. Without thinking further, he too jumps into the water. He actually manages to grab Emma and wash her against a rock. “Danila, I’m coming,” calls his wife in Russian. And he should hold on to himself and Emma. Both were well trained, fit, strong. But the sea was stronger. A big wave ends all rescue attempts in a fraction of a second.

“Danila was a man of water,” says his mother Elena Gagarina in an interview. “Danila jumped off this cliff every summer like a man possessed,” says his friend Artyom loudly “Komsomolskaya Pravda“.

Danila Gagarin is to be buried on September 30th. Part of his ashes are given to the sea, the other part is shared among his family.

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