Woman falls while selling grenades, pistol pens and marijuana in Iztapalapa

A woman who was dedicated to sale of firearms and explosives through internet and social networks, was detained together with a minor by police intelligence agents of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), in the mayor’s office Iztapalapa.

The events occurred in the streets of Palmitas in front of number 20 in the Santa María Aztahuacan neighborhood, where Juana Elizabeth, 33 years old, and the youngest, 13 years old, were both identified by the authorities as members of a criminal gang who is dedicated to arms trading.

At the time of their review, the agents found a plastic suitcase that contained 60 bags with marijuana, three fragmentation grenades, four bags with 50 Águila 223 REM cartridges, 10 boxes with 50 .22 cartridges each, 14 pen-type firearms .22 gauge.

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In addition, a black firearm with the legend The Cat J-101 4.5 millimeters and a transparent plastic bag that contained 250 grams of gunpowder inside.

The woman along with the minor and the insured were transferred to the capital prosecutor’s office where the investigation folder for the crime of carrying a firearm and explosives was started.


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