Woman climbs the Chichen Itzá pyramid to fulfill promise to her husband

Quintana Roo /

A Mexican tourist climbed the pyramid of Kukulcán in the archaeological zone of Chichen Itza, in Quintana Roo, despite the fact that It is forbidden to climb this ancient structure since 2008.

This Sunday a visitor jumped the security ropes that prohibit access to tourists and climbed the 91 steps of the pyramid, as she referred to when going down “to fulfill a promise she made to her late husband, that’s why I bring his ashes”.

Representatives of the archaeological zone confirmed MILLENNIUM that at the time of descent, private security elements evicted her from the area and handed her over to the authorities of the municipality of Pisté for administrative offenses.

While the woman climbed the stairs of the pyramid, tourists shouted from the main esplanade their rejection or support for the violation of the tourist. “Mayan sacrifice!”, “Jail, it’s a federal crime!”, “Up with the women!” among others.

According to the Federal Law on Monuments and Archaeological, Artistic and Historical Zones, it establishes that an offender must “be summoned by the competent institute”, who will dictate the “resolution that proceeds“, for which you could also be fined.


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