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Woman (18) raped by 3 men – suspect refugees do not have to be in custody

Horror after the gang rape in Leer (Lower Saxony): There three men brutally abused and beaten a young woman (18). The Aurich public prosecutor’s office is investigating.

The suspects – two Syrians and one Iraqi (18, 20 and 21) – were brought before the judge on Sunday, but were not subject to custody. Reason: There is no risk of escape.

So the three beasts will stay at large for now!

What is known about the men so far?

According to the prosecutor, the men are not related to each other or by marriage, they are a group, says BILD reporter Corinna Perrevoort, who is on site in Leer. “They all still live with their families. Therefore, they were not taken into custody under the condition that they report to the police several times and continue to live with their parents. You are not allowed to approach the woman. If that happens, the sentence will be carried out immediately. “

And further: “The three men are said to have come to Germany with their families in the first wave of refugees, that was around 2015.”

The suspects are said to all live in the settlement where the rape took place. In addition to Germans, people from many nations and many refugee families live there after they have moved out of the transition homes.

According to information from investigators, the group rape is said to have been a “spontaneous act” that the men had agreed to meet. The perpetrator and the victim are said to have known each other in advance.

How is the woman

“She is not doing well, both physically and mentally,” the reporter continues. “The public prosecutor speaks of a particularly serious case of rape, in a unit of offense with bodily harm, because the woman was also beaten and mistreated and raped several times. He assumes a sentence of at least two to 15 years. “

Die Horror-Tat

According to initial investigations, the crime took place on Saturday night in an apartment building in the southern part of Leer. The three suspects had apparently lured into an apartment, beaten and raped several times. For reasons of victim protection, the police have not yet wanted to disclose further details.

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