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Wom: know plans and rates of the new operator in Colombia – Technology News – Technology

After he announced his arrival in the country last November, Wom officially presented the prices of the plans on Monday with which it arrives in Colombia and becomes the fourth largest operator, along with Claro, Movistar and Tigo.

Since last February, the brand enabled the pre-registration form for people interested in acquiring the services of the telecommunications company. So far more than 138 thousand people have registered and they will receive the benefit of the first two months free and 20% discount in the next 5 months of their basic charge.

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Wom pointed out that the company’s customer service team will contact users and once their number portability is done, they will exclusively receive the benefit.

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These are all the plans

In postpaid plans, the operator has three types:

From $ 35,000 with 15 GB of navigation, WhatsApp, Facebook and unlimited minutes to any operator.

From $ 45,000 with 25GB of navigation, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and unlimited minutes to any operator.

From $ 60,000 with 40GB of navigation, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and unlimited minutes to any operator.

Additionally, people who carry their number to any of Wom’s postpaid plans between April 5 and 30, or the first 150,000 people who carry out portability, will receive the first two months free in their basic charge. This launch promotion is different and cannot be combined with the one that Colombians who registered between February 22 and 5:30 p.m. on April 5 will receive..

In prepaid accounts, users make their first recharge and receive unlimited WhatsApp and calls between Wom for a year. Also, they will have a 3GB welcome package and unlimited minutes to other operators for 15 days.

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In addition, the company pointed out that they will have equipment from the Huawei, Nokia, Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo and ZTE brands that will be exempt from VAT and can be purchased from $ 199,900 by activating a postpaid plan.

The operator is part of the investment fund Novator Partners, which participated in the auction of the 700 MHz, 1,900 MHz and 2,500 MHz spectrum and acquired the majority stake in Avantel.

Wom is currently present in Chile, Poland and Iceland. With their arrival in Colombia, they have promised investments of one billion dollars and the creation of some 2,500 direct jobs.

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