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Wolverhampton will decide if Jiménez reinforces the Tri Olímpico

The Wolves coach assured that before thinking about Tokyo, the Mexican forward must fulfill his recovery and have minutes with them

Nuno Espírito Santo, Wolverhampton coach, stated that It will be the Wolves who decide if Raúl Jiménez can be one of the three reinforcements of the Mexican team that will go to Tokyo 2020, because the strategist considers that before reinforcing the Tri Olímpico the attacker must have action in the Premier League, if the evolution of the striker allows it.

“With all due respect to the coach of your national team, it is our decision. At the moment when it is clear that he can play for Wolves, then anything can happen, but, first, he must play for us ”, were the words of Espírito Santo published by The Sun.

The Portuguese strategist reported that Jiménez returned “delighted” to have been part of the concentration of the Mexican team in Wales. However, he assured that his footballer will not be exposed.

“I understand that he is positive and wants to have Raúl for the Olympic Games, but we have to be patient here. We have to make the right decisions, not make any kind of mistake and respect the doctors ”.

Jiménez already trains alongside his teammates at Wolverhampton, but he has not yet had action after November 29, the day he suffered a skull fracture after the head collision with David Luiz, Arsenal defender.

Wolves have nine days left in the Premier League, which could be the hope of the Mexican team in case Jiménez has minutes to play.

The English team will have four duels in April and the remaining five in May, the last of which will be on the 23rd of that month, a date on which it seems to be the limit to know if the America youth squad may be eligible among the reinforcements that he decides to bring. Jaime Lozano to the Olympic Games.

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