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WITNESSES SHOUTED THE COPS – Police video exposed in the Gabby murder case

The Gabby Petito († 22) murder case is still keeping the United States in suspense.

The young woman’s body has now been identified, and her fiancé Brian Laundrie (23) is still in hiding. He is under urgent suspicion of murder!

Witnesses called the police in mid-August because they wanted to see Laundrie beat his partner in an argument. The officers advanced and met a visibly dissolved Gabby Petito.

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Previously unknown video material has now emerged from the situation of the later murder victim sitting in the police van. This is reported by CNN. The pictures provide further insight into a confused argument – and a toxic relationship.

The recordings are more than 52 minutes long and come from the body camera of the police officer Eric Pratt. He tells the young woman about the allegations against her fiancé. Gabby Petito tearfully says that although Brian Laundrie hit her, she hit him first. “He kept telling me to shut up.”

The policeman emphasizes that he wants to know the truth. Gabby Petito says she was hit but again points out that she hit first.

When asked where her fiancé hit her, the American says: “He grabbed my face.” Then it gets confused, because suddenly Petito says: “It wasn’t that he hit me in the face. It wasn’t like he punched in the face either. “

The officer asked: “Has he hit your face or not?” Your answer: “He caught me with his nail.” Gabby Petito points to her left cheek. “I was definitely cut here, I feel that. When I touch the spot, my skin burns. “

A little later, the young woman asks the officers not to separate her and her fiancé.

At Brian Laundrie’s, the police noticed slight scratches on his face and right arm. However, he did not give the impression that he was the victim of female violence.

CNN quoted the video as saying: Brian Laundrie “was classified as having a low risk of harming or harming his fiancée.”

Further material was leaked to the US television station that reveals more about the witness reference to the police. Accordingly, the couple is said to have quarreled over a cell phone, which Brian apparently wanted to snatch from his fiancée’s hand. The caller reported that Gabby hit him a couple of times, but not in the face. It rather reminded him “as if two children are fighting”.

The city of Moab, whose officials had been called to the dispute, announced last week that the incident was being investigated internally. “We admit that the death of Gabby Petito two weeks after the police check-in can lead to speculation about the measures taken during the operation.”

The law enforcement officers had only separated the couple for one night. Brian Laundrie slept in a motel, Gabby Petito slept in the shared van. Then they continued their fateful road trip.

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