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Without Megan, but with a dog. Prince Harry photographed while walking along the beach

For the prom, the Duke of Sussex donned the simplest clothes: Prince Harry was wearing blue shorts, a white T-shirt, baseball cap and sunglasses. He took off his shoes and dipped his feet into the ocean. At the same time, Meghan Markle’s husband played with the pet, throwing the ball into the water using a special club.

“He looked completely natural. Obviously, he has a great relationship with his dog, he walks it off a leash. The Duke is like a local Montecito who walks barefoot in a relaxed manner, ”the audience notes.

By the way, a Labrador named Pula appeared in the family back in 2018. And her name has an important meaning for the couple. The dog was named after the currency of Botswana, where the future spouses first met and experienced romantic feelings for each other.

The pet also appeared in the frame of a high-profile interview that Markle and Prince Harry recently gave. A video was shown on the air where the family, along with two-year-old baby Archie, spends time on the ocean.

Recall that in a conversation with Winfrey, Harry and Megan admitted that they would soon become parents again, but this time they would have a daughter. However, there were many disturbing moments in the interview. So, Markle said that one of her husband’s relatives was very worried about what color the skin of their heir would be. This statement caused a wave of outrage among fans and colleagues of the star.

In addition, Megan did not hide the fact that life in the palace had a strong impact on her psyche. Prince Harry’s wife even thought about suicide. “I just didn’t want to live. And it was a very clear, real and frightening constant thought. And I remember … I remember Harry lulling me to sleep. I said that I needed to go somewhere for help, but the members of the royal family told me that I should not do this, because it could damage their reputation, ”she recalled.

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