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Without Gio dos Santos, what could America buy?

With Dos Santos’ salary, the Eagles could acquire interesting prospects or established talents.

Giovani Dos Santos did not meet the expectations that America had of him To become the star player of the team and two weeks after his contract ends with the feathered team, the footballer points out of the Coapa facilities, because so far there are no negotiations for him to renew and stay for longer.

Gio made his wish to wear the Eagles jersey come true in the summer of 2019 and despite the fact that his first games promised to make him one of the darlings of the fans, injuries and his level of play failed to surprise the top and body technician currently headed by Santiago Solari.

The arrival of the oldest of the Dos Santos represented a strong expense for the Azulcrema organization, because despite not spending a single dollar for his arrival to the team, his salary did become one of the highest of the squad when he exceeded three millions of dollars annually insured, plus bonuses for objectives achieved.

With this amount, the azulcrema franchise could seek a reinforcement within the national market and according to the specialized site Transfermarkt, the feathered painting would aspire to even get some youthful promises.

ESPN Digital It presents some elements that America could obtain with this 3 million dollars.


The Puebla striker became the Mexican revelation of the last football year and gave something to talk about with the 16 goals he has scored so far. This caused the selection of Peru to include him in their Copa América pre-list, since he has Peruvian ancestry.

The footballer is priced at $ 3 million and his performance has been well above that shown by Gio, who is 31 years old.


The young promise of Santos is one of the elements that has given the most to talk about and his possible participation in the Tokyo 2020 Games with the representative Sub23 may be the springboard that catapults him to the big leagues.

The footballer is only 18 years old, but his talent has caused the United States National Team to fight with Mexico to obtain the forward, since the young man was born in El Paso, Texas. The player is valued at $ 2 million, but the Santos leadership could hope to obtain a higher amount.


He is another of the youths that have been trained in the TSM of Santos Laguna and at 22 years of age he is also one of the elements that points to the Tri Sub23 directed by Jaime Lozano. In addition, he is a player with regular activity in his club having 31 games played and five annotations. Its value on the specialized site is $ 2 million.


His performances with Querétaro put him a year and a half ago in the orbit of America, but at that time the feathered team wanted more than five million dollars, a figure that the board was not willing to pay for the attacking midfielder.

The footballer lost prominence since he left Gallos and left for Xolos, where he did not live a good year, but with 20 years of age and experience in the First Division they can make him a possible signing for those of Coapa, since it has an exact cost of three million dollars. His price has been devalued due to lack of activity and he lost a place in the age-limited national team, in which he was an important piece throughout the Olympic process.


It is true that the Argentine naturalized Mexican has been injured in recent months and just a few days ago he scored his first goal in this tournament with Atlas. However, in Liga MX he became a scorer with the shirts of Veracruz and Santos, so he could compete for a position against the other forwards who are not living their best moment. He currently has seven goals between the last two tournaments and four passes to goal.

The price of Furch is 3.6 million dollars, an amount that represents a figure slightly higher than what Giovani dos Santos receives annually with America.


He is one of the best offenses in the MX League and with León he managed to become a benchmark for obtaining the League championship in December. The player has 17 goals in the last year and with a contract that expires in six months, the emerald team may have the last opportunity to obtain some economic benefit for said player.

Angel is 33 years old and its price is 2.7 million dollars. In addition, he can be an ally of the forwards by adding eight assists in the last two tournaments.

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