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With these simple tips you can help your baby to walk

The baby continues to grow and needs your support to continue developing.

With joy you see how your baby continues to grow, surprisingly they are already with more strength in their legs, they look to stand and lean on chairs, on the wall and some of their toys you can see how each time they stay on their feet … key symbols to understand that he is increasingly prepared to walk, maybe you just need some help to lose your fear and launch into the world of walking.

There is nothing as exciting as baby take his first steps. One day they can barely stand up and the next they are already walking in search of mom, dad or that toy that they love so much. From that moment on a new stage begins, where nothing and nobody seems to stop them and they grow even faster.

The Independent gait in children occurs between 12 and 18 monthsHowever, each child has its own rhythm, so it can be seen a little before or a little after.

What I want you to always keep in mind is that, even if the baby has all of the above, he will not let go of walking until don’t feel ready and prepared to do it.

Characteristics of the baby who is ready to walk

For the baby to start walking, a series of features that will allow you to do so.

  • Muscular tone
  • Force
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Security and self-confidence.

If you are wondering what strategies to use to help your baby walk, then read on because in this note we bring you some valuable alternatives to help your baby take the first steps. And that is why we leave you some tips to help them, without hindering their path.

Remember that this time is one of great perseverance, patience and being careful with what surround the baby to avoid accidents, Well, a bad moment can make the baby fearful and it is much more difficult to lose fear. Of course, not to simple falls, that will happen a lot but to objects that can do real damage.

1.- A safe space for the baby

Adapting the space so that the baby has its space free of recorded accidents is essential, so we recommend:

2.- Furniture location

Arrange the furniture so that it has room to pass, but that the separation is not more than an arm to avoid falling.

3.- Beware of corners, doors and windows

You have to show him that he should be careful with the corners – it is a good idea if you cover them, for example, with a cushion or fabric. You must close doors and windows, move away benches that you can use to climb as it is dangerous.

4.- Eliminate rugs or carpets

He may slip because he is not yet very dexterous and strong in his movements and he does not know the types of

5.- Barefoot is better

You must allow him to walk barefoot, so that he controls his balance is much easier, go little by little.

6.- Avoid accidents

  • You should not forget to place a protector on the light contacts, to avoid accidents if you fall near them or touch them attracts attention.
  • You should not forget to place a protector on the light contacts, to avoid accidents if you fall near them or touch them attracts attention.
  • Do not let him go down the stairs alone, there he must do it with an adult.
  • Do not leave medications or detergents near where they can be reached.

You have to keep hot things away from your little one, what I recommend is that you put a grill on the kitchen door, so less until you understand you have to enter carefully.

Important: You should avoid being left alone when he is near water, there is danger everywhere when they are children.

Recommendations to help your child walk

The use of walkers or another instrument is not recommended as it can atrophy your muscles, your body if it is ready will be enough.

  • Protect the house from dangerous elements such as electricity, detergents, water containers, stairs.
  • Put on comfortable clothing that allows him to move easily around the practice area.
  • Do not pressure or label him, applaud his achievements, always with patience and lots of love.
  • To help him stand up, you can do it yourself with the help of a bench or the wall, learn by example and do it as he does it, he will take more strength in his legs and he will stay standing longer.
  • You can place yourself in front of him offering your supporting fingers and each time walk and walk more so that he looks for you.

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